The Inception of SODADA Salon

DADA/ ’dada
An early 20th century
art movement founded

on mockery towards accepted
aesthetic criteria with an aim
to destroy traditional
values in art.
SALON /səˈlän/
A meeting ground
for dialogue.
An incubator for revolution.
A space for transformation
and awakening.

Historically, a salon was a gathering. An opportunity for like-minded thinkers to come together and discuss politics, literature and art, salons were driven by free expression and welcomed diverse voices and viewpoints. The most underground salons were a respite for radical thinkers. The most infamous spawned cultural and artistic movements that shaped decades of critical thought.

In founding SODADA Salon, principal Solange Sarria is igniting a dialogue aiming to disrupt convention within the beauty industry. Inspired by Dadaist artists who challenged social norms and denounced sexist and racist oppression, SODADA is an inclusive space in which an individual’s essence is their strongest asset. Blending activism with authenticity, beauty and inclusivity, SODADA is dedicated to empowering individuals across every spectrum of society.