SODADA’s Culturally Competent Hairdressing Technique embraces the natural texture, wave or curl pattern of every hair type to create customized looks unique to you. It’s not just a haircut or hair color. It’s a sculpture… a painting.

CUTTING Services

First visit: Transformation  | $150-250

Ready to let go of what isn’t serving you? Your first visit at Sodada includes a soulful consultation and guidance in transforming your self-care routine. Diving deep into your hair history and self-expression, you will be taught how to simply care for your hair’s ecosystem between snips. Prepare for a holistic experience and your styling mysteries solved.

*Please arrive with hair loose, clean, detangled and air-dried, guaranteeing a smooth consultation all about you!

Follow up visit: Long Hair | $125 

Bobs, shags, Farrah Fawcett feathering, Joan Jett attitude, mullets, Afros, Diana Rosses, Jesus, Metal heads, one lengthers, no layers or layers. A shape for hair length below the ears.

Follow up visit: Abundance  | $150-175

Just like a Long Haircut but for thick, dense and heavy hair. The kind that breaks your hair tie and takes you an hour to wash. You know who you are.

Follow up visit: Short Hair | $100

Pixie, pompadour, buzzed, faded, cropped, Twiggy, or Meg Ryan in ‘You’ve Got Mail.’ A sculpture for hair length above the ears. 

Bang Trim  | $35

Straight, baby, Betty, choppy, whispy or curly. All bangs welcome.



Don’t need your hair cut, colored or styled? Just want that delicious aromatherapy scalp and neck massage? Want it to last longer than 5 minutes? Come and get it. Guaranteed to make you fall asleep and feel like a Sunday.


sayblee hair growth TREATMENT | $50

A hair growth treatment applied to you clean scalp, methodically massaged and left to work it’s magic for 20 minutes. Formulated by local specialist Sayblee Darsale, founder of Sayblee products.