SODADA’s Culturally Competent Hairdressing Technique embraces the natural texture, wave or curl pattern of every hair type to create customized looks unique to you. It’s not just a haircut or hair color. It’s a sculpture… a painting.

CUTTING Services

Transformation  | $250

Ready to let go of your hair baggage? Your first visit at Sodada includes our expert consultation and advice on transforming your hair routine. Diving deep into your hair history and style philosophy, your stylist will teach you how to effortlessly air-dry and treat your hair between snips. Prepare for a holistic transformation and a no-fuss lifestyle.

Abundance  | $175

All those locks deserve a little extra love. For returning clients whose mane takes a little extra time to tame. 

Long Hair | $125 

A style refresh at any length below the ears, plus styling tips to keep it looking luscious.

Short Hair | $100

 A sharp, precise cut just above the ears, plus some tips for keeping it fresh. 

Bang Trim  | $35

Refresh a grown-out fringe or spice things up with a quick snip. 

COLOR Services

GLOSS |  $65

Shine, tone and camouflage those grays for a little extra shimmer in your shag.


ROOTS  |  $100

Grays be gone or color shift from your natural with our trusty root touch up.


Face Framing Highlight or Balayage  |  $200

Face Framing Highlight or Balayage- Frame that gorgeous pout with some subtle highlights around the face, sealed with a gloss for extra sheen.


Half Head Highlight or Balayage  |  $300

Half Head Highlight or Balayage- Take it to the next level with a dramatic highlight session. Includes a tone and gloss to keep your locks looking shiny.


Full Head Highlight or Balayage   |  $400

Do a 180 on your hair color and rest assured you’ll be sporting a seamless, natural-looking new look.


Bleach & Tone  |  $200

Keep your roots from showing with our signature bleach and tone service.


Color Melt  |  $200

Make a statement with vibrant pops of color or mind-melting gradient hair. We’ll apply two toners plus your fantasy shade to strike just the right note. Book as an add-on to previously lightened or faded hair to brighten up a dull look.


Back to Basics  | $100+/HR

 Restore balance and brightness with our color corrective service, designed to restore a non-box dye or fantasy color back to your natural color. We’ll take you in the morning and might keep you all afternoon. 


Color Correction   |  $125+/HR

Get rid of streaks and spots with our precision color skills. We’ll chat about your needs before booking, and we’ll take you anytime before noon.


Color Policies
  • Consultation prior to booking corrective services is required. Corrective Color Appointments must be booked before 12pm to allow for processing time. Service duration subject to change. 
  • All lightening color services include the use of Olaplex to protect the hair and prevent damage.
Read more about our policies

STYLING Services


 A deep clarifying shampoo that relieves scalp and hair of buildup and gives stifled locks back its natural, hydrated sheen.

Blow Dry  |  $50

Achieve frizz-free, silky hair without a fuss. Our styling works with your natural texture, giving you more time for the important things.

Updo  |  $200

Add some swag to your special event with a sculpted style. 

Twist out (Afro, kinky and curly hair) |  $100

Create fierce ringlets, large curls or chaotic waves with this stellar naturally protective style.

Starter Locs | $150+

We’ll dread your hair right with specially formulated products and our signature holistic approach. 


Give those locks a refresh using Sayblee’s ultra-clarifying, natural products.


Get in touch to learn more about our on call Braid Specialists.



The antidote for dry and damaged hair. OLAPLEX is a bond rebuilder, free of silicones and oils, for chemically processed and damaged hair. This concentrated first salon step rebuilds broken disulfide bonds and begins the process of preventing damage and repairing hair.

  • Its key benefits include:
  • Strengthens and protects hair structure 
  • Suitable and beneficial to all hair types. 
  • Vegan, Paraben free, Sulfate free, Phthalate free and Cruelty free


A cruelty-free hair growth mask that penetrates deep into your scalp and rejuvenates hair follicles, Sayblee’s hairmask is developed with essential oils and organic herbs to promote several healing properties. Designed to stop thinning hair and heal scalp disorders while restoring hair growth, we recommend you pop in for a treatment every two weeks.

BROW Services

Brow rehab® is a Miami based, luxury eyebrow rehabilitation service that specializes in custom color correction, brow styling, threading and brow rehabilitation. Brow Rehab® also specializes in development and global distribution of revolutionary and innovative eyebrow styling cosmetics.


Brow shaping, Brow tint , lash tint, skin calming treatment, brow bone/temple massage, cold compress. Please notify your brow tech if you have any allergies and if you are using RETINOIDS, facial acid or laser treatments.


Brow shaping via special thread from India, skin calming treatment, brow bone/temple massage and cold compress. Please notify your brow tech if you have any allergies and if you are using RETINOIDS, facial acid or laser treatments.

BROW WAX | $45

For those who prefer a sharp, high-definition brow. Eyebrow shaping via sensitive wax, skin calming treatment, brow bone/temple massage and cold compress. Please notify your brow tech if you have any allergies and if you are using RETINOIDS, facial acid or laser treatments.


A quick and practical way to refresh the color of your brows. Brow rehab® offers several brow tint hues which are always customized for each client. Brows look natural, fuller and more balanced after tinting.


Eyebrow shaping via tweezers, calming treatment, brow bone/temple massage and cold compress.


A practical eyelash dye which yields darker lashes for approximately one month. Every busy mom should try it. Tinting of eyelashes using special tint from Germany specifically designed for brow and lash tinting. Results lasts about a month.

LIP | $15


CHIN | $20




TRIM | $15