Love is in the hair

Learn our patented Culturally Competent™ Hairdressing technique


Expand your existing client base and gain a new perspective on ‘unruly’ hair. SODADA’s Culturally Competent™ Hairdressing Technique addresses the persistent challenges faced by diverse communities. It incorporates a vast understanding of multiple hair textures, using a cutting-edge Strand Cut Test to harmonize the hair while guaranteeing effortless, maintenance-free style. Our training encourages holistic hairdressing while ensuring all your clients feel confident and seen.

Designed by SODADA founder Solange Sarria, the Culturally Competent™ Hairdressing workshop emphasizes each student’s experience level and craft.

In this course, you will:


Understand the specific needs of mixed hair textures

Learn how to heal hair breakage and trauma

Utilize the Strand Cut Test to sculpt hair of any texture with precision

Honor hair integrity through the use of holistic products and practices 

Create a customized, low maintenance and effortless lifestyle for any client


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