DADA/ ’dada: An early 20th century art movement founded on mockery towards accepted aesthetic criteria with an aim to destroy traditional values in art.


SALON /səˈlän/: A meeting ground for dialogue. An incubator for revolution. A space for transformation and awakening.

Sodada is a philosophy founded on the revolutionary Dadaist art movement’s principles that reject racism, sexism and oppression with the intention to establish authentic and inclusive practices through the art of hairdressing.


I am a visual and performing artist who has founded Sodada Salon as a ‘Social Art Practice’. I am weaver, visionary, light, educator and disruptor, not anyone’s healer.


‘A working definition of “socially engaged art” is artistic or creative practice that aims to improve conditions in a particular community or in the world at large.’ 



I bridge my undergraduate training in sculpture and design with my professional Cosmetology experience to create natural hair services that are fueled by innovation and activism. The social component of Sodada Salon includes cultural competency, the use of non-toxic environmentally friendly products and pricing that bridges the equity gap. 


My sculpture background is utilized by creating innovative cutting techniques that highlight and bring harmony to each individual’s natural and unique hair texture. Something that is currently growing in demand within the beauty industry.

Aside from haircutting that has catered to natural hair individuals, the Sodada philosophy considers community and sustainability by connecting individuals with the appropriate experts to guide them in their beauty goals and by carrying locally made, toxin free products. Sodada services are now accessible to all economic groups by the recent implementation of sliding scale discounts for the use of consumers in financial need.


These solutions are designed to level out the unbalanced access to culturally competent, eco-friendly and holistic practices in an industry where state level education is antiquated. My mission is to share years of research with consumers and beauty professionals in order to influence empowering change from the ground up.


Sodada Salon serves the beauty industry as a thriving example of conscious and inclusive business practices. By becoming a patron of Sodada, you are contributing to the research and education that will in turn make a progressive impact in a beautiful and healing industry. 


Change is not only political, it is personal. Through mindful consideration of every individual, beauty professionals can positively change the world.


(This manifesto is under constant revision, as needed, in order to uphold the company’s mission statement.)






‘From business consulting to creative brainstorming, collaboration and innovation are what I am most passionate about.‘


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