Embracing your authentic beauty takes a village


Wether it’s family, friends or professionals, having a team of cheerleaders by your side is essential to loving yourself fully. This page is dedicated to sharing resources and stories to support you in accessing all of your holistic beauty potential.

Introducing Sodada’s Podcast

Cafe Con Leche

Salon Chair Confessions

Café con Leche is a series of Live conversations with Sodada clients and natural beauty professionals. The purpose of the show is to highlight the inspiring stories of people who embrace their experiences and individuality to create authentic and empowered lives.

Coming in April 2021





A growing list of hairstylists invested

in healthy and natural hair.

Atlanta, Ga and Miami, Fl based hairstylist and colorist, Alana Robertson




NYC based hairstylist, Mona



NYC based hairstylist, Yessenia Reyes




Orlando based educator, hairstylist and colorist, Stephanie Mero




Miami based hairstylist and colorist, Natalia Mejia




*More holistic professionals coming soon!