Introducing Sodada Salon’s Holistic Hair Coaching and Courses

Single Sessions

  • The Regimen Reboot
  • $150,00

    Single Session
  • A 60 minute one on one Zoom or in person coaching session with a specialist in holistic beauty practices and ALL hair textures, assessing your unique needs.
  • The Assessment
  • $150,00

    Single Session
  • A 60 minute, one on one consulting call with a specialist to give you a clear, actionable steps towards culturally competent, holistic and sustainable business practices. (For hairdressing professionals)

Extended Journeys

  • $1250,00

    Full journey


    In this journey you will:

    • Understand the Holistic Mindset shift
    • Learn your unique hair needs
    • Develop intuitive beauty methods
    • Learn Positive Self-talk and self-compassion
    • Let go of toxic practices
    • Heal your relationship with your hair
    • Adopt a minimalist hair care routine

    Activities include:

    • Presentations on hair history and science
    • Journaling
    • Healing treatments
    • Styling techniques
    • Practice

    Action steps include:

    • Let go of toxic practices and products getting in your way
    • Adopt holistic and healing methods to achieve your goals
    • Commit to a self-love mindset
    • Establish nurturing boundaries


    • Sodada Gift Box including:
    • Gentle Hair Care tools
    • Holistic and locally made botanical products


How will this course change my life?

The consumer’s main frustration would be confusion over scalp health, difficulty strong hair growth and lack of understanding home hair styling techniques to create desirable results with minimal effort.

What makes this program different from other influencers on the market?

This service is different from others in the market in that it does not require investment into a particular product line to achieve desired results. It educates and informs you with professional guidance to gain competency in science and minimalist techniques that will help them gain agency over your hair and well-being for a lifetime.

What can I expect?

Expect to get out of your comfort zone and embrace a less is more attitude.

  • $2250,00

    Full journey


    In this journey you will:

    Part 1

    • Understand the Holistic Mindset shift
    • Learn about the variety of hair textures
    • Teach clients positive self-talk and self-compassion
    • Let go of toxic salon practices

    Part 2

    • Understand the specific needs of each hair texture
    • Learn how to bring hidden textures and patterns to life
    • Learn how to treat hair breakage, damage and over processing
    • Utilize the Sodada Strand Cut Test ™  to sculpt hair of any texture with precision
    • Honor hair integrity through the use of holistic products and practices
    • Create a customized, low maintenance and effortless lifestyle for ANY client

    Part 3

    • Learn what to consider in starting up as a first time business owner or chair renter
    • Receive a self-employed and salon owner checklist
    • Learn how to pivot in services, retail and marketing when trends change
    • Increase your financial literacy
    • Establish inspirational practices for long term success

    Learning Resources:

    • Webinars
    • Lectures
    • Worksheets
    • Haircutting Videos
    • Hairstyling Videos
    • Check Lists
    • Quizzes


What will I learn in this course for professionals?

Learn how to use precision cutting techniques and holistic practices to confidently treat any type of hair.

How can I apply this training in the salon?

A professional hairdresser’s main frustration would be fear of shrinkage or unbalanced shapes on various textured hair. By learning precision cutting techniques and the Sodada strand cut test, professionals will learn how to test hair movement before executing an entire haircut. Just like colorists perform stand tests for color applications, hair cutters will learn to test any hair type for any cut.

How is this course different from other cutting academies?

This service is different in that it encourages cutting on wet hair for any texture and the use of tension even on curly or kinky hair. The techniques are heavily rooted in carefully calculated strategies using straightforward boundaries, cross checking for symmetry and leveraging shrinkage to the clients benefit.

What can I expect?

Expect to face your fears and witness magic in the making.

About your coach


What does Sodada Salon do?


Sodada Salon is an inclusive holistic hair salon based in Miami, Florida. I focus on precision haircutting for all natural hair textures and provide holistic hair coaching for consumers and industry professionals. Not only do I solve my client’s problems that most hairdressers cannot, I sell only locally made botanical hair products and sustainable retail. Supporting local businesses, minimizing my footprint and teaching minimalist beauty methods are at the forefront of what I do.


How did you get started cutting hair?


I started doing hair for the love of it at age 14 and began my own salon business at age 25. I wanted to follow my heart and empower people in embracing their authentic beauty by sculpting their natural hair. My clients are often mixed race or multi-cultural, facing struggles with their hair textures that most hairdressers aren’t taught to service in Cosmetology school. I studied Fine Art in college and continue my art practice to this day. My studies have informed the work I do behind the chair and allow me to bring harmony to the most complicated variety of textures.


What inspired you to focus on natural and Holistic hairdressing?


After some time as a professional doing the flat iron thing, while refusing to perform keratin treatments, I decided ‘screw this’. I was tired of cooking hair when I saw so much beauty in its natural state. That’s how I began to develop my Culturally Competent Hairdressing Techniques. I have helped hundreds of people to better understand their specific hair needs and make peace with their identities. My services are healing and instill confidence in the human spirit.


Why not focus on curly hair like everyone else?


This isn’t just about curls. This is about highlighting the super powers behind EVERY TEXTURE. As beauticians, we have the vision to bring out what is unique in every individual. I don’t want to put any one person on a pedestal. I want to teach professionals and clients alike how to put themselves and everyone around them on a pedestal.


What is your mission?


My ultimate goal is to impact the industry from both consumer and professional angles in order to grow the holistic and natural hair movement. Showing consumers that they have personal agency while teaching professionals how to do the same would create a huge shift in the self-love movement for the betterment of society.


Apprentice Testimonial

Discover how a Sodada education can shift your career by reading my former apprentice’s Culturally Competent Hairdressing ™ story


‘In this education classic techniques were highly important as well and stressed as the foundation of geometrically shaping the hair in a way that is congruent. This key aspect of the training is what supports in having such a diverse array of cutting styles to accommodate the uniqueness of hair, and makes for the long lasting, INTEGRAL haircuts that are specific to the Sodada education. I am eternally grateful for this experience, and the love and genuine support I have received. I know that I have developed a life long relationship that has exhibited flexibility, transformation and multiple levels of acceptance in all the changes that came. I highly accredit Solange and my experience at Sodada in preparing me for where I am today. I am grateful for the symbiosis that took place in generating a unique curriculum to fit me and my clients’ needs. Finally, I am consumed with passion for my vision and what I do, which is something I can say first hand is derived from the Sodada experience. Thank you Solange.’




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