SODADA’s Culturally Competent Hairdressing Technique embraces the natural texture, wave or curl pattern of every hair type to create customized looks unique to you. It’s not just a haircut it’s a sculpture.

CUTTING Services

the Transformation

Ready to let go of what isn’t serving you? Every haircut with Solange Sarria is artfully sculpted with precisely customized techniques and low maintenance effects. The Transformation service is for new and returning clients. It includes a soulful consultation and professional guidance in achieving your holistic hair dreams. Whether you’re going for a similar look with a specific goal in mind, like growing your hair out, cutting off permanently process ends or stepping into your latest alter-ego, you can trust that this artist can make magic happen. After diving deep into your most recent hair story and desired self-expression, you will be taught how to simply care for your hair’s ecosystem between snips. Prepare for a holistic experience and your styling mysteries solved.

*Please arrive with hair loose, clean, detangled and air-dried, guaranteeing a smooth consultation all about you!

Bang Trim

Not ready for a Transformation but want a little change? Straight, baby, Betty, choppy, whispy or curly. All bangs welcome.

Clean up

A clean up around the neck and ears for returning clients with short hair.

STYLING Services

Blow dry  

For a natural look that highlights your most authentic self, activates your curls and adds definition, ask for a diffused dry. For something curated, smooth or sleek, ask for a round brush blow dry. The world is your oyster and the blow dry is your polished pearl.

Creative Session style  

This service is ideal for a polished or sculpted look. Headshots, editorial shoots, special events, weddings, interviews or negotiations, whatever the reason this is the service that will transform your look for the day, making you feel fearless and beautiful.

Twist out

This service is traditionally for Afro or mixed hair textures. A twist out utilizes moisturizing products that deeply penetrate the hair while holding it in place. It’s considered a protective style that prevents breakage or damage, allowing hair to heal while looking cute and polished.

Starter Locs 

Starter Locs is the preliminary service required to create dreadlocks on loose hair. I have been trained in this process by Sayblee Darsale of Sayblee Products for Afro textures only. I exclusively use plant based, non-toxic and healing products, ensuring strength and longevity of the style. (Price may increase according to time required.)

Loc Re-twist 

Get your dreads re-twisted as often as you like, using anti-bacterial and anti-fungal products ensuring your scalp stays clean and hydrated. Products used are plant based and non-toxic, made specifically for Afro textured hair.



Reiki is a form of energy healing that uses the laying of hands by the practitioner onto or above the body of the client in order to encourage emotional or physical healing. Yes, it’s meta. For real. If you’re familiar with acupuncture and the chakra system, it works in a similar way without being so intrusive. We all have our own auric field around us and the ability to channel universal energy in order to heal within. In this session, I channel universal energy into your body through specific hand placements while enjoying a meditative state.


Don’t need your hair cut, colored or styled? Just want that delicious aromatherapy scalp and neck massage? Want it to last longer than 5 minutes? Come and get it. Guaranteed to make you fall asleep and feel like a Sunday.